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 Simple LDAP benchmark


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A simple LDAP benchmark. Create a test plan and test your servers!


The ldap benchmark is a simple tool which helps testing multiple servers against the same set of operations. Currently, read-only operations against the servers are supported.

This can help analysing the impact of server (or network) configuration changes.

cbe4 is distributed under the terms of the Apache License.

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In order to run a benchmark, you need to write a configuration file in the .ini format, chosing some defaults and the test plan.

Using this example configuration file:

# begin [defaults] step_len = 10 threads = 2 base = dc=example,dc=com [search_root] type = search filter = (&(objectClass=posixAccount)(uid=root)) attrs = uid,userPassword,uidNumber,gidNumber,cn,homeDirectory,loginShell,gecos,description,objectClass # end

and running the program like this:

$ cbe4 -c bench.ini ldap://localhost

will create two threads, each doing the search given by the 'filter' entry for 10 seconds.




For downloads, visit our Project Page


  • Initial Launch, June 2006

See the Project Page for news archives.

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